Malta is the country where the most cryptocurrencies are traded

Bank Morgan Stanley has carried out research to indicate the countries in which trading in cryptocurrencies is the largest. It turned out that Malta is the country with the most funds flowing through. This small island is responsible for the largest transactions related to the cryptocurrency market. However, if we look at the state in which the largest number of companies associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is registered, then it turns out that this is the United Kingdom.

Why is Malta ranked first in this list? First, thanks to Binance, which is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world. Malta also attracts other transaction platforms on which you can buy and sell coffers. OKEx - the third largest stock exchange announced a move to this country.

We have already mentioned that most stock exchanges are in the UK. However, this country was only in 10th place in the list of countries with the largest turnover. The countries in which the most transactions related to the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies are made are:

  1. Malta

  2. Belize,

  3. Seychelles,

  4. USA,

  5. South Korea,

  6. British Virgin Islands,

  7. Hong Kong,

  8. South Korea,

  9. Japan,

  10. Great Britain,

  11. Singapore,

  12. Estonia,

  13. Russia,

  14. Vanuatu,

  15. Cayman Islands

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