Cryptocurrency Law is edging very close in Malta

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The Maltese cabinet has passed a bill providing for the regulation for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). This is just one of the various things in the pipeline which through solid legal framework is expecting to make Malta the ultimate Blockchain and Crypto island. A number of high level announcements have already been made, with Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, choosing Malta for their new headquarters.

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Such law is not only expected to attract interest of crypto exchanges but also a number of issuers of ICOs.

Let’s keep in mind the unlimited potential of Blockchain which is expected to affect a number of sectors, most prominent is of course the banking and financial services sector. Banks and financial services companies are estimating that Blockchain technology can help them save millions in infrastructure and centralising costs. Sectors like insurance and even healthcare could enjoy vastly from this new concept.

So, if the entire world is looking and investing to see how they could benefit from blockchain why not consider the first country in the world which would have an official legal framework overseeing this concept?


Just like Malta is a pioneer in Blockchain services, NCMB Consulting has targeted this area from the very start and has ensured that it has a multidisciplinary Blockchain team providing the necessary legal and advisory services.

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