Malta : A positive consequence of Brexit


Boasting an excellent financial services industry, robust and well-regulated banking system and a pioneering outlook for iGaming and Blockchain, Malta is poised to become the number one destination for companies relocating from the UK based and Gibraltar post Brexit.

World renowned companies including 888 Holdings and Binance, have already announced their moves to Malta. Besides benefiting from UK-like regulations, tax incentives, language and infrastructure, such companies will also enjoy an open and business-minded approach from the Maltese government and its regulatory bodies.

As well as being on par with the EU’s tax policy, and in fact transposing both EU’s ATAD 1 and 2, Malta offers a highly efficient corporate tax system, with effective tax rates ranging from 0% to 6.25%. Maltese tax law continues to innovate, especially with the introduction of the Notional Interest Deduction (NID) rules through which Malta is enabling a tax deduction in favour of notional interest on company equity. Malta’s growing network of double-taxation agreements provides extra comfort and opportunity when dealing internationally.

Relocation of a company to Malta does not only require consideration of corporate taxes, but one ought to also consider employee cost. Due to its constant effort to attract talent, Malta has in place various tax residence schemes for this purpose such as the Highly Qualified Persons scheme targeting people with talent and specialisation in the financial services, aviation and gaming sectors.

No matter the sector, Malta is undoubtedly a jurisdiction worth consideration for any company wishing to keep its UK roots but remain present in the EU’s market.

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