Company formation in Malta

Company Formation

At NCMB Consulting, we offer Corporate Services that range, from Company Formation in Malta to full management including local Maltese Directorship.

This includes full administration services, local Maltese registered offices, fiduciary services, accounting, company liquidations & dissolution.

A Maltese company could be formed in as little as 48 hours if all necessary documents are provided. 

Registration and Annual Fees

Registration fees for Company Formation in Malta payable to the registrar of company will start as low as € 245 for a Private limited company with minimum share capital of € 1,165.

The company is obliged to file an annual return with an annual fee of € 100 based again on the minimum share capital.

Registered office

All Maltese company must have a registered office address situated in Malta. NCMB Consulting provides registered office facilities and actual office to companies registered in Malta.

Shareholding in a Maltese company

A Private Limited Company must have a minimum of one shareholder who may either be an individual person or a corporate entity.

The shareholding can be held through Trustees & Fiduciaries which will be licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) in order to provide such services.




Company Directors are obliged to act in good faith and honest and in the best interests to promote the wellbeing of the Company.

Directors are responsible for the general governance of the Company, its administration, management and legal compliance.


Share Capital


The authorised and issued share capital of a private company shall be of a minimum of €1,165 of which at least 20% is to be paid-up front (€ 233)

Public companies must have a minimum authorised and issued share capital shall be of € 46,587.46 of which 25% must be paid-up. Companies may choose their own currency. 

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