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Malta's response to COVID-19

While during these times everyone’s main priority should be towards keeping safe and healthy, business owners in particular could lessen a bit the burden on their mind by taking advantage of a number of incentives announced by the Maltese Government.

Assistance with rent registration in Malta

At NCMB Consulting we can assist with ensuring full compliance with the new Maltese rental law reform.

Attractive Banking Finance Possibilities

Anyone seeking to obtain finance for commercial projects can tak advantage of the 'BOV SME Invest' which is a scheme in collaboration with the Malta Development Bank (MDB).

Tax in Malta

Why not relocate here ?

Malta has a very competitive fiscal regimes in the European Union. Malta's Tax system ensures a low effective corporate tax rate. In addition to providing, as EU member state, access to all EU Directives, Malta has also concluded an extensive network of around 60 double taxation treaties.


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NCMB Consulting focuses on assisting local and international clients which use Malta as a base for their commercial activity. We provide cost-effective and efficient services to all our clients. We have assisted several companies in establishing their operations in Malta and we work regularly with local auditors, lawyers and tax specialists to provide the best possible services to our clients.